Dream Legs

Dream Legs- The best portable and affordable inner and outer thigh machine works both your inner and outer thighs at the same time for optimal efficiency. It's adjustable resistance accommodates all exercisers from beginners to intermediate to advanced. The steel construction makes it last a lifetime so you don't have to worry about getting another one! This is a Presell Product, please note it is a new product preselling right now. Once the goal for this item is reached within the time period, your item will be shipped. If the goal cannot be reached within the time period, you will receive a full refund for this product.
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Disclaimer: This is a presale product, only if it reaches the goal you would receive the order. If the goal is not reached within the presale period, your order will be refunded.

Innovative Dream Legs Is Here For Beautiful Thighs You Always Dreamed!


Inner and Outer thighs has long been one of the top body part concerns for women. Dream Legs is the new standard for inner and outer thigh machines.

Special Features/Benefits:

  1. Big full range of motion means working your muscles to the maximum benefit for lean and sexy thighs. Look great in your summer shorts, tights, at the gym or the beach/pool.
  2. This breakthrough, portable gym piece is based on the same principles as those big gym machines that are designed to target those two tough problem areas…inner and outer thighs.
  3. Just 5 min. 3 times a week to firm, toned thighs!?Stores quickly under a bed or in a closet.
  4. Now you can get into swimsuit shape by bringing the gym home to you. You can watch TV or put it in your suitcase for travel. It’s so easy and effective…you will love your Dream Legs!
  5. Don’t have time to go the gym..no problem with Dream Legs at your home and at your side. Get a great inner and outer thigh workout in a short period of time.
  6. Dream Legs works:

(a) Both your inner and outer thighs with no manual adjustments.?
(b) With real resistance in both directions.

(c) With adjustable smooth resistance for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers.

One Equipment Works Great On Both Inner And Outer Thighs. Take it anywhere you go..


Smooth and Adjustable Resistance for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced exercisers.



Kevin Boland - Inventor of Dream Legs

Kevin Boland, Expert TV Fitness Machine Inventor, has had 3 fitness machine hits with Bun & Thigh Max, Smart Abs and Smart Arms. Bun & Thigh Max came out in 2003 and became a big hit high selling machine. It was the biggest new, global fitness machine hit for 2003/2004. The inventor wanted to create the best inner & outer thigh machine ever with Dream Legs and he accomplished the goal!


Pre-Order This Strong Steel Constructed Unit And Enjoy Beautiful Legs!

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