TWEEBOT? Your Personal HandsFree Smart Communicator

Tweebot is designed to act as your voice command assistant. Just ask it to send or read emails, news, weather, information, post on social media or music, it connects through Bluetooth of your Smartphone or tablet and gives you all the information you want. No matter indoors or outdoors Tweebot is a great voice activated device which also acts as speaker and gives you long hour of playtime; it offers many more benefits than Amazon Echo.
SKU: 1700012211

USE VOICE ONLY?Check the Weather, Get Directions, Ask for a Nearby Gas Station or Even Set Up Reminders.


USE IT ANYWHERE.?Take Advantage of Tweebot’s Wireless Feature and Travel with It Anywhere You Want.


STAY CONNECTED,?Read Emails, Ebooks, Post on Skype, Facebook or WhatsApp and Listen to Music!





  • 100% Hands-Free Operation
  • Send Texts Using Voice Command
  • Talk Freely While Driving
  • Read/Send Emails While Driving.
  • Enjoy Music While Cycling or Hiking


  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 12V Dual Input Car Charger
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable

Tweebot is Always Waiting for Your Next Command. Just say "Hello Tweebot" to Activate Voice Control. Tweebot can Activate Siri or Google, so You do not Have to Touch Your Phone to Make a Call, Ask for Directions or Find the Nearest Gas Station. Tweebot is Your Hands Free Personal Assistant.?

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